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10 Reasons Why You Should Redesign Your Small Business Website on WordPress

Arguably, your business website is your most important resource. It is your 24/7 digital showcase and it will be the first interaction that most potential customers will have with your business. So if it doesn’t look right, loads slowly, or more importantly, doesn’t have a mobile version, then it will let customization slip through your fingers.

You can market your business as effectively as you want, but if the website that customers land on isn’t enough, then you’re just throwing good money after bad. So what is the solution?

Say hello to WordPress. WordPress is the wildly popular content management system that powers more than a quarter of the entire web, including some of the biggest names in the world like the New York Times, Forbes, People Magazine, and National Geographic. So if it works for them, it can work for you, right? This is why:

1. It’s flexible

Whether you’re a dog groomer, coffee shop, boutique fashion house, or high-flying legal firm, WordPress’ CMS has the flexibility to give your business exactly what it needs. The possibilities are really limited by the company’s imagination with custom look, function and style to match what you want from your company is all achievable.

2. Great blogging platform

Every modern business needs a blog because it’s the easiest way to communicate the latest company news and product offerings to your customer base, so it makes sense to have it in the same place where customers can buy products and get in touch. contact with you. Until now, platforms like Blogger and Tumblr have been popular options for small businesses, but now is the time to bring them in-house.

A WordPress based site allows you to have a dedicated page for your blog that will give your business a voice and will also be a source of regular new content for your website, something Google loves when it comes to SEO. Also, all the social shares you receive through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. they lead directly to your website and attract potential customers with them.

3. WordPress is open source

What ‘open source’ means is that those who use it can contribute to its development, usually by creating plugins that perform specific tasks and also developing best practices. But why does this benefit you if you are hiring a web developer to build your website?

Simply put, you benefit from constant improvement. Many people use WordPress now that it is constantly evolving thanks to the influx of new ideas from users, so your website will be built on a platform that is continually improving and you don’t have to pay a dime!

4. WordPress is constantly updated for security and maintenance

Some CMS systems leave the update business up to you; if you don’t check it, you won’t get the benefit of the latest version. Not so with WordPress. It updates instantly to keep your site secure, up-to-date, and in line with the latest security best practices. In short, it is as safe as houses.

5. WordPress is SEO friendly

We all want our websites to show up effectively in search results and WordPress can be a powerful tool to help make this happen. Its default framework and site architecture are easy for Googlebots to crawl, which means they like it, to the point that company CEO Matt Cutts publicly endorsed it and, as we know, when comes to search, Google is king.

6. It is a language that all developers understand

In their search for the perfect website, many small business owners hire web developers who create complicated websites that may look good on the outside, but can’t be managed by anyone other than themselves. A bit like buying the car of your dreams and finding out that only the dealer can make it work.

WordPress is such an important part of the modern web landscape that all developers have at least some experience and can spend coding and building for it. This means you can run your website day to day, add blogs and new products, but whenever a problem arises or you decide the time is right for a makeover, you won’t be short of people who can help.

7. It is a platform you can trust

Having been around for over 10 years, WordPress has been continually worked on to eliminate issues and bugs that are known to plague other content management systems. It’s not absolutely problem-free (what the hell is?), but it’s the closest you’ll find anywhere.

8. WordPress is mobile friendly

By now you have surely heard the statistic that mobile web browsing now outperforms desktop and laptop by a tidy margin and this change in user habit has had an effect on the online landscape. google these days active bars websites from your mobile search results if it is not mobile friendly. If that’s you, then more than half of your potential traffic is gone all at once.

Fortunately, if you base your website on WordPress, you have all the tools you need to be successful on all devices because WordPress doesn’t just work on mobile devices, it works too. prosper. Your website still needs to be well designed but done correctly. WordPress can provide a great user experience on any device and a user-friendly site generates sales and leads.

9. Ideal eCommerce Platform

These days, the number of items purchased over the Internet is staggering and is only headed in one direction, creating in its wake a market that businesses large and small understandably want to exploit. WordPress is your ideal platform, as it seamlessly integrates with some of the world’s most popular and elegant eCommerce solutions, like Woo Commerce and Magento, to give your products a real wow factor.

Also, the core of these e-commerce solutions is free, but it can also be highly customized to meet specific needs. Are you a wine club that only wants to sell in cases of six? Or a company that ships monthly snack boxes by subscription? No problem.

10. It is a powerful marketing ally

Do you want to get your products to as many people as possible and measure the behaviors of your customer base? WordPress is your platform. With WordPress, you can get your entire product range on Google Shopping and drive customers who are looking for exactly what you sell, directly to you.

You can also connect your site to an email platform like MailChimp and measure the behavior of customers who visit your site from their inbox, including what products they buy and the last time they bought from you. This allows you to tailor targeted campaigns to those who say they haven’t bought from you in 3 months by offering them a discount to bring them back. Or reward those loyal customers who buy from you regularly. All using WordPress data. Powerful right?

Time to make the most of it!

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