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4 questions to ask when choosing glass shower doors

While some people may find them a bit unsafe or too transparent, glass shower doors are just as hot as smartphones these days. Almost everyone who has a shower uses shower doors or curtains. However, there are people who, under the influence of the news about the explosion of glass doors and windows, can go against this, and this post is for them.

I’m not talking about making big claims or selling you something. However, there are some ways and tips that can avoid almost any wrong decision about installing glass shower doors. Since doors come in different types and variations, such as pure glass, plastic, with or without frames, it is vital to evaluate the basics before making that decision.

The following four points should guide you in the same way.

1. Do you really need them?

The most important question to ask yourself is whether you really need a glass shower door or is that too much. It depends a lot on your habits. For example, if you use bathtubs for showering, curtains may work better for you. However, if you shower in a separate compartment, you may want to have doors. Generally, glass shower doors look beautiful and add elegance to the premises.

2. Have you reviewed the basics?

Fundamentally, there are four things to consider when opting for glass doors.

  1. Strong Pivots – To support a sturdy glass shower door, you may need to have strong and durable pivots.
  2. Frosted Glass – Tempered glass is generally found by people to be more ideal for showers compared to plain glass. This is mainly due to its robust nature, durability, safety, and ability to absorb heat.
  3. Personalization: To add more beauty to the doors, you can apply colors, decorations and textures. Be sure to choose a material that supports customization without losing durability.
  4. Safety measures: never compromise your safety or that of your family. Be sure to perform rigorous checks before and after installation and use well-tested tumblers for baths.

3. What is your personal preference?

Yes, it is very important to evaluate first. There are people who think that glass can be harmful in case of slip or explosion due to heat, etc. While your fear is valid, this is not true with modern types of glasses. Today, most doors are made of safety glasses, which are not broken in the first place. However, if they do, they break and do not fragment into pieces that can damage it. While price might be a deal breaker, glass doors are more beautiful and easier to clean compared to plastic ones.

4. Is your supplier trustworthy?

The last, but not the least, concerns the provider. Are you getting supplies from a reputable supplier who has a good reputation and the ability to supply your desired material?

My simple advice would be to seek the advice of friends and family if they have previously worked with a good company. If you can’t find help, find local businesses that deal with it and seek their public reviews.

You can find people’s comments on their profiles on Google My Business, Facebook pages, Twitter, and other social media sites. Also, trusted review websites like TrustRadius, YellowPages, and TrustPilot should also help you find the best and most reliable option.

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