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7 fatal kitchen utensils

1. Hand towels

Hand towels are the most common kitchen item used everywhere. But did you ever think that hand towels could be the dirtiest thing in the whole kitchen? This is because we often tend to use the same towel before hand washing, after hand washing, to clean utensils, or to hold hot utensils. Just read it again and think that the same towel is used for all purposes! To avoid this, save at least 3 towels for different purposes and get in the habit of washing them every 2 weeks in warm water. This will keep them clean and germ-free.

2. Plastic containers

Plastic containers are commonly used in kitchens, but to preserve their preservative quality and freshness, they include a large number of toxic chemicals. Avoid storing fresh vegetables in plastic containers, as they build up in harmful chemicals. It is also advisable to use glass or borosil containers to heat dishes in the microwave, as the microwave contains harmful rays and the use of plastic containers only increases the health risks.

3. Sink

Kitchen sinks can be a common place for bacteria to breed and cause health illnesses. Dirty utensils that are stored in the sink for longer periods of time build a mini house for bacteria and create a germ-ridden environment. Make sure the kitchen sink is cleaned regularly and dirty dishes are not kept for long.

4. Burners

Gas stoves carry a great risk in the kitchen. Make sure burners are always closed when not in use. Gas ranges or burners release harmful gases and can cause kitchen fires. Today, the use of LPG pipes has increased compared to gas cylinders. Unlike gas cylinders, pipes are comparatively safer and workable, but they can also cause a short circuit in the event of a small leak.

5. Sponge

Sponges are used as a cleaning material, but in themselves they can be one of the harmful substances for the kitchen.

After cleaning the plate, do not leave the sponge wet. It attracts bacteria and germs very quickly. Rinse well after use or microwave for 30 seconds. This will dry by placing the sponge and will retain the bacteria that enter it.

6. Grinder

Vegetable or meat grinders can be a very harmful tool in the kitchen. Although it is fast enough to cut vegetables quickly, it is risky and requires presence of mind to use. Just be careful not to cut your fingers! They have a tool that pushes the vegetable and chops it into small pieces. Safety instructions should always be read before use.

7. Garbage disposal

This essential kitchen item is found everywhere. It is important and requires regular cleaning. Vegetable peels or any garbage from the kitchen have a foul odor and are a favorite area for flies and mosquitoes. Since these are thrown away in the kitchen, regular cleaning of the garbage cans is required. Kitchen trash cans should be cleaned regularly and try to change them within six months.

The kitchen is the most essential tool in the home of all. Requires regular cleaning and washing. According to the old saying “safety first”, this safety starts from the kitchen. This article may have entertained you that everyday kitchen utensils can be too dangerous and the health hazard can be beyond your imagination.

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