Are electric hot pots suitable

The best electric hot pot is versatile enough to cook anything you can imagine in a broth, including meats like beef, chicken and tofu; veggies from cabbage and carrots to potatoes; noodles; soup and stews. Many models also come with grill and griddle inserts that enable you to sear proteins or make omelets and noodles.

The team of experts in the Good Housekeeping Institute Kitchen Appliances and Innovation Lab tests all kinds of cooking appliances daily, from countertop cookers to larger items such as electric ranges and stoves. We tapped them to learn more about the absolute best electric hot pot and what to look for when shopping.

A hot pot is a traditional Chinese and Japanese cooking method that is typically served at dinner parties, family meals and other social gatherings. It combines the warming benefits of steamed foods with the fun of a steamboat or fondue. It typically consists of a base, metal bowls and a simmering flame that heats the food. These days, hot pots that use metal bowls heated by electricity have become more popular than the traditional combination of a donabe (Tu Guo), or heavy ceramic pot, and an open flame.

Are electric hot pots suitable for dorm rooms or small kitchens?

One of our top picks is this model from Aroma Housewares, which comes with a deep pan with a yin-yang style divider so that you can prepare two different types of broth at the same time. You can saute ingredients in the bottom of the pan before moving them into the bowl to keep broths warm, and the handles stay cool so you can comfortably move the pan around.

Another option is this model from Topwit, which features dual 250W/600W power settings for cooking eggs, pasta, soup, stews and steaks. Its non-stick coating is easy to clean and the fast heating ensures your food is ready quickly. The unit is compact and portable, making it a great choice for dorm rooms and small kitchens.

While we recommend checking with your college’s rules before purchasing any kitchen appliances, in general, hot pots are typically allowed in dorm rooms since they don’t require as much peak power as an oven or electric kettle. Just be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and avoid using harsh detergents, sharp utensils or tough sponges on the surface. This will help protect the surface and prolong its lifespan. Also, be aware that you should never submerge a hot pot in water since this could damage the inner liner. For the best results, clean your electric hot pot right after each use. You can also purchase a separate stainless steel cleaner for added protection.