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Bearpaw boots: an affordable alternative to Uggs and Emus

For some time, women buy Uggs and Emu boots, they not only look stylish but also comfortable. However, there is a new range of shearling boots available that look just as good and are more affordable than the ranges offered by Uggs Australia and Emu Australia. The boots that we are actually talking about are known as Bearpaw boots.

If you went to sites like Amazon, you would soon discover that the boots that this company makes are some of the best sellers. Of all the styles Bearpaw has produced, the ranges that are proving to be the most popular are those known as the T410 and M410. Each pair has a suede outer lining and is lined with soft sheepskin on the inside.

The natural lining of these boots, like those made by Uggs and Emu, helps keep body temperature at a constant level. Plus, these boots allow moisture to escape, so it doesn’t matter how long you wear them so your feet stay dry, warm, and comfortable.

However, there is a difference between these boot styles and those made by Uggs and Emu, including styles like Emu Bronte or Ugg Classic Crochet Tall. The boots that Bearpaw has made come with a thermoplastic rubber sole and again this helps to ensure that while wearing it your feet remain comfortable and warm inside them.

As with any style of shearling boots you can buy today, these are so comfortable that many women choose to wear them without putting on their socks first. But Bearpaw has not only created a wonderful variety of boots for women to wear, they also have many wonderful styles for boys and men. However, now we will take a closer look at the two styles that seem to be proving to be the most popular.

1. Bearpaw Model T410 – This style of boot has a suede outer shell and the height of the boot from the arch is 12 inches. Most women tend to wear these boots with a great pair of jeans or a casual skirt and although some prefer to wear them full height. Other women tend to fold the tops of their boots to expose some of the boots that best present their sheepskin lining.

These boots are perfect for wearing in cold weather (though not wet or snowy conditions) as the rubber soles provide ample grip as you walk. In addition to being comfortable, these boots come in a number of different colors, including sand, chocolate, chestnut, and nutmeg, and of course, black.

2. Bearpaw Model M410 – Again, this style of shearling boots has a suede outer lining, but the length of these is a bit shorter than the T410 version. In fact, the height of this particular boot is only 10 inches long from the arch of the boot. As with the other style we discussed in this article, these look great with jeans or even a long denim skirt or Boho skirt.

Again these boots come with rubber soles to offer you a lot of traction when you wear them and even in cold weather, although not wet or snowy they are suitable. What makes these particular boots stand out from the ones we’ve mentioned, as well as the similar styles created by Uggs and Emu, is that you have more color options. Along with neutral colors like sand, black, chestnut, and chocolate, this range comes in light pink and navy blue.

If you buy a pair of Bearpaw boots, before wearing them for the first time, it is a good idea to use a good quality suede protector on them. There are many different ones now available and wearing them will help maintain the look and feel of your Bearpaw boots.

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