Can Dogs Eat Carrots and Celery?

Dogs Eat Carrots and Celery

What can dogs eat? That’s the question most people who own dogs ask, because it’s one of those questions that gets asked a lot. There is, in fact, one thing dogs can eat and one thing they cannot – raw potato or yams.

The reason for the first answer is pretty obvious. Dogs can eat raw foods, and they like it just fine. They have their own special enzymes that help them digest their food. So it makes perfect sense for dogs to be able to eat raw vegetables. But can dogs eat celery and carrots?

The second answer lies in the way dogs are made. While humans can have a starch-filled diet that is made up of lots of simple carbs such as bread and potatoes, dogs cannot. Our dogs have a very restricted diet of meat. They are man’s best friend, but man’s best friend cannot live on meat alone. Their bodies simply do not have the facilities to process all the raw substances that are thrown into their mouths.

can dogs eat celery

Fortunately, there is a solution to the problem of what can dogs eat. In the wild, dogs hunt and kill small animals that pass through their diets. This includes raw meat. However, today many dog owners have gone off the meaty route and feed their dogs a mixture of dry and fresh foods. This has the nice advantage of giving the dog a wide variety of nutrients, but it also makes it difficult for the dog to break down all the complex carbohydrates in raw vegetables.

Can Dogs Eat Carrots and Celery?

So the question still stands – can dogs eat celery and carrots? The short answer is – if they’re fed the right kind of food. Puppies should be fed a mix of meat and non-meat based food as young as three months old. Senior dogs can eat whatever they want, as long as they’re fed a quality senior dog food that contains a good balance of protein, fat, and carbohydrates. You can find quality senior dog foods online.

So can dogs eat celery and carrots? It depends. If a dog’s bones and gastrointestinal tract are strong enough, he can forgo the fiber in meat and enjoy a well-balanced diet of raw, whole, and natural foods.

But some dogs have digestive problems that prevent them from eating a high quality commercial dog food. Celery is a common inclusion in homemade dog foods, because it’s a mild fiber that can help your dog maintain a healthy intestinal tract. Another option is raw or cooked bone. Dogs can eat small pieces of raw bone, and large pieces of raw or cooked bone with other meat products. These bones are also full of minerals like calcium and other vitamins your dog needs.

However, dogs can’t always digest raw vegetables well, so other options may be necessary. If a dog’s digestive system is blocked, other foods can be given to him as a supplement. Common ones include cod liver oil, which provides essential fatty acids that dogs lack in their system; and rice cakes, which provide much-needed energy to help your dog through his activities. Some dogs just don’t like veggies, so they may have to give up the treats, too. Celery is still on the list of possible treats, but not as essential as raw veggies.

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