Can model plans change Ford’s destiny?

Ford Motor Co. has recently released its revised recovery plan. That plan covers the launch of additional models and the reduction of tired warhorses in the lineup. The automaker also plans to create a more attractive and relevant showroom.

Expected additions include fuel-efficient economy subcompacts. Such additions are expected to expand the automaker’s market. This time, Ford will also address a younger generation market as before. Ford Fiesta parts will also be upgraded to enhance performance, style and driving feel.

Since small cars are also in vogue, Ford will also compete with the fast-growing market. Top sellers in the small car segment include Chevrolet Aveo, Toyota Yaris, and Honda Fit. Therefore, Ford also plans to produce a midget to compete with these bestsellers. Ford Escape parts will also be upgraded to create a smaller version of a compact SUV. These new additions are expected to go on sale in 2009.

The introduction of the microvan S-Max to the automotive market is also anticipated in 2009. This new car is inspired by the Focus compact car. However, it will be shorter than the Fusion sedan and smaller than the Honda Civic coupe. It will have seven seats. A compact sports coupe is also contemplated. The latter will be designed to reduce the cost of fuel. It will use diesel energy.

Ford Fairlane is also expected to surprise customers and make them recognize the new concept of the American family hauler. This concept will be a combination of practicality and style. According to Ford, “no one has yet come up with the model that defines this new segment. We think we have the opportunity to do so with the Fairlane.” The sale of Fairlane is expected to begin in 2008.

Among the line of those models that will be discontinued are Ford Taurus and Ford Freestar. The first is a midsize sedan, once considered America’s favorite car. Freestar, on the other hand, was the minivan formerly named Windstar. Before that vehicle, but together with its name change, it represents a significant drop in sales. Production of both vehicles is expected to end next year.

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