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Delonghi KG39 84g coffee grinder is good

Size does matter when it comes to buying the right grinder, and the Delonghi KG39 84g coffee grinder is the perfect size for a home grinder.

In fact, everything about it is correct. Unlike other espresso grinders like the Maestro grinder or the Capresso grinder, the Delonghi KG39 84g coffee grinder is a silver and aubergine burr that has the classic hourglass shape for a timeless and elegant design.

Measuring 23cm (height) x 11cm (width), its slim frame, light weight and rubber handle were designed for easy portability and, with a depth of 12cm, the Delonghi grinder can fit into any kitchen counter without taking up too much counter space. The feet of this grinder are also rubberized so it stays in place.

The Delonghi grinder is simple and easy to operate, even for novices. The unit has only one button which is the on/off button.

To operate this thing, simply place your ground coffee like the one in the Cuisinart coffee, turn the unit on to start the grinding process, and turn it off when you’re done.

There are three green LED lights that show your preference for the consistency of your coffee beans, whether you want them fine (espresso), medium (filter), or coarse (percolate).

The grinder uses two blades that rotate on an axis. As the two blades rotate, they create friction to cut and grind the coffee beans. The blades are made of long-lasting, heavy-duty stainless steel to give you consistent grinds every time.

Another feature of this Delonghi grinder worth mentioning is its transparent lid with a built-in safety feature. This means that the coffee grinder will only work when the lid is in place.

Even if you turn on the machine and the lid is not in place, the grinder will not work. This feature was added to make the product easier to use and to minimize accidents.

This cup selector machine allows the user to grind from 4 to 12 cups of coffee, which can be adjusted using the Delonghi single-wheel coffee grinder.

7 grams of coffee beans are considered ideal for brewing a cup of coffee, so the Delonghi holds up to 84 grams or 12 cups of coffee, a good amount for a small family and perfect for entertaining a few visitors.

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