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Do the tents withstand all weather conditions?

Will bad weather conditions prevent me from hiring a tent?

When choosing a tent, one aspect to consider is the weather. The tent will, of course, provide shelter, but in extreme cases, can the tent withstand all weather conditions? Will you keep your guests dry in the rain? Or will it disappear if the wind picks up?

If you live on board where the weather is usually warm and sunny then this is not usually a problem, but here in the UK the weather can be very unpredictable and most of the year it is cold, wet and windy. Certain areas are considered to have better climate than most, such as South Cornwall, London, Brighton, etc. have hotter summers, but South Yorkshire, Sheffield, Yorkshire, Lancashire, West Yorkshire, Doncaster, North Yorkshire and Manchester tend not to be. So nice.

So first of all, are tents waterproof?

Yes, they are waterproof so if your day has a few light showers your canopy should be absolutely fine and no one will get wet and the canopy will stay relatively dry. However, if the rain is much heavier and the ground gets very wet, it can seep under the canopy walls and into the canopy. You can take more steps to avoid this by laying a mat as a flooring in the tent, this is a bit more expensive but may be worth it.

Should we have a heater for the inside of the tent?

Even in the summer months it can be an idea to hire some heaters, they increase the cost, but we believe that if you are going to pay the expenses of hiring the tent, you do not want your guests to freeze to death and they want to leave as soon as they can to enter in heat!

Will the canopy blow in the wind?

No, all party marquees come with a strong and solid structure to support the marquee and prevent it from blowing away. Today you can rent tents with aluminum skeletons, which means you don’t need the center posts and they have much more stability in windy conditions.

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