Ancient religions and cultures of mysticism have always been a hot target for fashion trends in the celebrity world. In recent years, we have seen a remarkable growth in the number of celebrities beginning to wear the famous Kabbalah bracelet.

Kabbalah is a Jewish Bible study with a rich history dating back thousands of years. The teachings of Kabbalah are based on a set of spiritual principles. The Kabbalah bracelet is traditionally worked to defend against the negative powers of the evil eye and provide rich spiritual guidance in times of need.

Worn on the left wrist, a standard Kabbalah bracelet has a fairly simple red weaving appearance. But as celebrities have flocked to madness, we’ve seen more wacky bracelets hit the market. The cost of a Kabbalah bracelet can range from $ 20 to thousands of dollars. There are some premium jewelry brands that celebrities are the only ones who can afford!

So how has the Kabbalah bracelet become a fashion accessory for today’s Hollywood masses? Many would say that it all comes down to a lady named Madonna. She has been caught many times with her own Kabbalah bracelets and if the photos make it into gossip magazines, they will likely quickly pick up on it. Madonna has even been seen wearing Kabbalah bracelets during her royal concerts. A seated interview with Larry King confirmed his faith when he openly discussed his belief in Kabbalistic teachings.

The late Michael Jackson is believed to have also owned a handful of Kabbalah jewelry items in his extensive collection. When you look at the star power of these two names, is it any wonder the modern wave of celebrities is catching on? Indeed, we have seen Paris Hilton and Britney Spears with the red armbands in sight.

Wearing the sacred Kabbalah bracelet as a fashion accessory has received a mixed reception from devoted Jewish followers. Some see it as a degrading sacred symbol. Others are happy that the teachings of Kabbalah are receiving such overwhelming general attention. Either way, it looks like we’ll be seeing a lot more of these elegant red jewelry pieces in the years to come.