How To Quickly Find Potential Employees On Linkedin 

LinkedIn is an online social network that assists professionals in connecting. People can share their professional experiences with others as well as join industry-related groups and even apply and search for positions.

Linkedin provides opportunities to the workforce around the world and gives employers numerous opportunities to locate ideal candidates.

LinkedIn allows businesses to find employees in a variety of ways, based on the subscription service they use.

That’s the reason why in this article you will discover some ways to select the ideal employee for your business, regardless of the LinkedIn plan you choose to subscribe to.

LinkedIn’s Free Plan to Find Your Potential Candidate

Let’s review some steps you can employ to identify the perfect potential candidate for Linkedin.

Building Profile Page

The first step prior to reaching out to anyone else is to make your own profile page. This will showcase the professional aspect of your business and generate curiosity among prospective candidates. Furthermore, by creating your profile, it will be easier for prospective clients to find your company.

Make sure to update your website regularly whenever you make any changes to your business like the location of your business or job listings, as well as contact details.

Invitation Personalization

Always make an effort to invite people to connect with current and former colleagues. Because LinkedIn is based on connections, expand your network by connecting with new employees. Through these connections, it is likely that you already have trust and confidence, so they are able to introduce you to candidates they are familiar with.

In order to do that, personalize your invitation to make it more personal. LinkedIn permits you to utilize up to 300 characters for your request for connection. It is for this reason that it is important to personalize your invitations because it improves the odds of getting accepted.

Use Keywords To Search Candidates

You can locate the ideal candidates quickly via Linkedin. The candidates are also able to contact you directly on LinkedIn. You can click to accept the option of job-seeking under the open button on the page of their profile. This lets recruiters know that they’re willing to take on finding a new job.

It is believed that 51% of job seekers are not actively seeking jobs. This implies that they might want an opportunity to work however they haven’t begun searching for one yet.

If you are able to spot an applicant you like, take a look at their profile and determine whether you have any contacts with them. If you do, then contact them and request an introduction.

This can help you make contact with the person you are interviewing and a mutual connection could confirm your company’s reputation.

You can also search for candidates for skills, job titles, and previous employers, or any other keywords that the candidate might have on their profile.

Find Candidates Through Linkedin Groups

The most qualified candidates for a job such as a manager, HR rep, or marketing professionals are to be active members of their respective industries.

Through Facebook groups you can connect with experts, workers who are available as well as people who can assist you in networking with the next employee you hire.

If, for instance, you’re searching for an IT specialist, look for an organization using the search box and type in keywords like Software and Technology Professionals. You need just type in the word and choose the appropriate group, as shown below.

Ask Your Current Employees To Advocate

Always encourage your employees to sign up for their networks. They could leave reviews of you and your business on their personal profiles.

As per research conducted by Glassdoor study, future workers are much more inclined to trust the people working in your business than you are. It is also a way to advertise your business through LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a fantastic platform for employees to provide positive experiences and can make a huge difference in the ability of your company to recruit top talent.

Make Your LinkedIn Profile More Effective with LinkedIn Premium

LinkedIn has a number of subscription plans. The LinkedIn Premium subscription offers many valuable features like InMail.

InMail is the email tool of LinkedIn. service that users can communicate with people with whom they don’t have a connection.

In the case of, for example, if you’ve discovered a potential candidate you’d like to keep in touch with, but don’t have an affinity with, you can make use of InMail to contact them.

While LinkedIn Recruiter is an additional service offered by Linkedin to recruit new employees. Small-sized companies, LinkedIn Premium is mostly sought-after because the cost is fairly affordable.

Use LinkedIn InMails For Recruiting

LinkedIn’s InMail lets you communicate with people on LinkedIn without providing the email you use to contact them. The LinkedIn Premium account offers you 15 monthly InMails when compared to the Executive accounts which have 30.

  • Use these tips to help make your LinkedIn InMails appear more professional You can follow these tips to make your LinkedIn InMails look more effective
  • Make your messages more personal by describing how their talents match with the job you are doing.
  • Explain why you want to contact the person.
  • Give the recipient a reason to respond to you, preferentially outside of Linkedin like phone number, URL, or email.
  • Connect with us via a request.

Check Who’s Viewed Your Profile

You can find out who visited your profile on the dashboard of your profile on LinkedIn. This will help you identify those who are searching for your company or your profile. Send them an invitation via LinkedIn InMail to introduce your business as well as any open positions.

Check Business Insights

Business insight can help you select the companies you’d like to hire from. Some companies are cutting the kind of workers you’ll need to hire. Also, studying information from business analysts can assist you in making the right decisions about which changes you want to make in your own business.

Check Job Insights And Browse Potential Candidates

Job insights can assist those looking for jobs to browse the job listings and also your business. Make sure that the posts you post on LinkedIn show your company as a fantastic place to work.

You can also check out profiles of those you want to work with. All you have to do is invite any person to connect to a 3rd-degree connection. Additionally, send InMails to people you aren’t connected to.

Set Open Profile

Make sure you ensure that you have set the profile of your Linkedin Premium account to ‘open profile’. This will allow job seekers to join your account without using your LinkedIn InMail credit.

Additionally, with having an account that is open, you will be able to look at any profile of anyone and meet people, like job seekers.

LinkedIn Recruiter

When you’ve got a bigger budget and are looking to hire in bulk and you are looking to hire a large number of people, then LinkedIn Recruiter is your best choice. It’s a form of LinkedIn Talent Solutions that includes Job Slots as well as Paid Job Ads.

If, for instance, you intend to bring on more than 100 new employees per year, then the Linkedin Recruiter is the right tool for you.

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