How to Repair and Replace Pachislo Stop Reel Buttons

How to Repair and Replace Pachislo Stop Reel Buttons

Two types of main buttons

1. Stop button assembly

2. Individual stop buttons

Stop button set

All buttons are combined into one set. The entire assembly is easily removed from the machine by removing two screws.

Each button has a connector that is attached to a main board in the set, that board has a connector that is attached to the Pachislo machine.

Unplug the connector from the assembly, remove the two screws, and remove the assembly from the machine.

In most cases, you can remove the board from the assembly by removing a screw, a few clips, or both. Once the back of the buttons is exposed, you can remove each one by unscrewing a plastic nut that holds it in place or by pressing two clips that hold it in place.

If your buttons have clips, just use a small flat screwdriver. Press lightly on a paperclip while gently pushing it through the front of the assembly. DO NOT FORCE IT. Just loosen the first side by pressing the clip.

Now do the same with the other clip and it should come out the front of the assembly.

Individual stop buttons

The second type is the single stop button. In this case, they are not part of an assembly. Each is individually connected to the machine. Disconnect them individually from the dash and follow the same instructions to loosen the clips and push them out of the front of the machine.

Button repair

The most common problem with buttons is that they get sticky and don’t push or don’t push and stick. To solve this problem, you may not need to replace or even remove them.

Use a silicone spray. Press the button if possible. Spray a SMALL AMOUNT of silicone spray on the corners of the button and wipe off the excess quickly. Move the button in and out for a few seconds to allow the silicone to work in the areas around the button.

Button replacement

This can be difficult. You won’t be able to find new buttons, but some buttons from discarded machines can be found online. Not only will you have to match the style and size of the button, but you will also need to match the button connector.

There are many different types of connectors and you will need to match the style and number of pins.

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