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How to Throw a Successful 21st Birthday Party

1. Set the date and set it in advance

The key to any successful event is careful and timely planning. You should start planning your party at least two months in advance – make your venue and catering reservations in advance so you don’t miss out on the ones you want the most, and send out your invitations as soon as possible so your guests can reserve.

Set your RSVP date four weeks before your birthday party. This way, you will have an accurate guest list to hand over to your caterer and venue rental company so they can finalize the arrangements for your event.

2. Choose the perfect catering service

As with any event, the food you serve will have an impact on the success or failure of your party. At a 21st birthday party, food service is particularly important in limiting the number of intoxicated guests at your party. 21st birthdays are known to overly indulgent partygoers.

A cocktail service is one of the best options for your party catering, as your guests will constantly consume delicious little bites of food, and will be encouraged to mingle and chat with each other. Talk to your caterer about how to organize a cocktail menu for your party.

Your caterer will have a set menu of above features to choose from – don’t be afraid to talk to your caterer about your own menu inspirations, though. Infuse your standard menu with some of your own personal twists.

Book a tasting session with your caterer so you can experience the full flavor and presentation of your food. A tasting session is also the perfect time to bring your own ideas to the table. Get inspired by your theme, family favorites, or even the time of year.

3. Enhance the party with a theme

Use your wildest imagination to dream up a fun and whimsical theme for your party! Take notes on your favorite music, TV shows, or movies – you could even incorporate your favorite hobbies or cultural interests. Some of the more popular 21st birthday themes include:

Hollywood: Dress up as your favorite actors and actresses with a Hollywood theme. Have some of your guests act like paparazzi at the door to take pictures of you and your friends when you arrive – it could even include a red carpet! If you are going to include a short slide show in the evening formalities, you can present it as a movie premiere.

Topics of the era: The theme parties of the sixties, seventies and eighties are as popular as ever. Not only are they fun and reminiscent, these are easy topics – costumes and music selection are simple. You can also use the year you were born as the theme for the night.

Colors and letters: Subtly theme your party with a color theme. Your decor, tableware, choice of clothing, and even some menu items can be chosen to reflect your theme. Alternatively, you can use a particular letter for your evening’s theme, such as the first letter of your name.

Casinos: Keeping your 21 at a casino does the whole thing for you. Put on your best Vegas-style outfit and host some themed games and activities.

Your theme can be subtle or obvious; sophisticated or outrageous. For a moderate theme, you can take inspiration instead: celebrate the 21st by the beach and serve seafood and summer cocktails, and have your guests dress for the water; Have a good old-fashioned pool party and ask your caterer for barbecue-style catering; Or you can even have a large-scale picnic in a picturesque setting – imagination is the key!

Four. Choose the ideal place

The length of your guest list, as well as your budget, will help you determine the type of venue you will hire for your party. You want your venue to be large enough to comfortably host all of your guests. A hired venue will help you organize all your tables and chairs, tableware, decorations, and sometimes even entertainment and open bar. Find an affordable place that suits your theme as well as your logistical requirements.

5. Taking care of the formalities

The key: If you stick to tradition, handing over the key is an important part of your 21st birthday party. The passing of the key symbolizes becoming an adult – your freedom to open new doors and accept new responsibilities. There are several ways to “hand over the key”. You could have a key custom-cut and cut for presentation, or attach one to a piece of jewelry such as a necklace. You could even make your cake in the shape of a key.

Giving gifts: If your guests are encouraged to bring gifts (and most will, without encouragement), arrange for a clear table where your gifts can be placed. Some parents will have a special surprise gift that they want to present to their son or daughter at the party. The best time to present this gift would be during interventions.

Speech, Speech: Today, the format of speeches at birthday parties and weddings is less formal: however, they still give your party a sense of occasion and are a personal touch on your special evening. Talk to specific family and friends about how to make short, simple speeches at night. They can include funny anecdotes or touching words. Set a specific time for speeches, usually early in the evening and between meal service times.

6. Recruit some helping hands

With the amount of organization you will need in the days leading up to the party, you will want to enlist the help of some of your family and friends. Ask your family and friends to help you with decorating, table setting, balloon blowing, playlist creation, and even food service. Getting help from your family and friends is an easy way to cut your costs and help people blend in.

7. Have fun!

Once all the planning is in place, your guests start to arrive and the drinks start to flow, relax and enjoy your own hard work! A 21 is once in a lifetime: so enjoy the company of your family and friends, a good meal and a long and unforgettable night.

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