Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

If you’re looking for a reliable Laser Marking Machine manufacturer, then the following list of factories may help you. It has information on CO2 laser, UV laser system, and Trumpf laser marking machines. It also offers details on their price range and the benefits and drawbacks they offer. Using this list will make your sourcing process more effective.

Fiber laser marking machine

A fiber laser marking machine is a machine that uses light to mark metal and various non-metal materials. The machine is used in the electronic communication industry to mark home appliance panels, mobile phones, and optical cables. It is also used in the mechanical and hardware tool industries. These machines can mark a variety of materials, including rigid plastic containers, jewelry, and electronic components. These machines also have wide applications in the craft and advertising industries, including the marking of signs and trophies.

One of the most important factors in choosing a fiber laser marking machine is the working power of the laser. If it’s too weak or too strong, you might end up with poor results. If this happens, you should stop the laser marking process and try to find out why this is happening. The laser marking process depends on several factors, such as the energy of the beam, mode of operation, and focusing performance.

It is crucial to clean the focusing lens regularly, because dust on it can affect the marking effect. Keeping the focusing lens clean also prevents it from getting damaged from excessive heat absorption. In addition, you should check the temperature of the environment and relative humidity regularly. Finally, you should make sure that the laser marking machine is not making any unusual noise or vibration.

Another factor to consider is the power consumption of a fiber laser marking machine. A fiber laser marking machine requires only a few watts of power, while a lamp-pumped laser will require a lot more.

CO2 laser

CO2 laser marking machines are ideal for engraving non-metallic materials, including plastics. These machines have fast engraving speed and high precision. They can engrave a variety of surfaces, including irregular shapes and even 3D objects. They can also be used to engrave logos and content, such as nameplates or trademarks.

The SL series laser marking system provides high-resolution, fast and clear marking. It has a 5-power laser source and auto high-change Z axis system. It is also equipped with a high-speed scanning galvanometer. The SL series laser marking machine comes with different options and specifications. It has a working area of up to 300mm. It also comes with an optional Rotary Axis.

CO2 laser marking machines are specifically designed for the apparel, leather, art, and craft industries. The CO2 laser technology allows you to mark different types of non-metal materials with high precision and speed. The CO2 laser is also very reliable and has high-speed machining capabilities. It can handle small date coding, as well as complex messages.

The CO2 laser has a high power output. It is also capable of marking non-metals and varying thicknesses. Compared to traditional marking techniques, CO2 laser marking is more reliable and durable. It can operate twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Its optical system is sealed against dust and has high precision.

CO2 lasers are typically cheaper than fiber lasers. CO2 laser marking systems cost between $35,000 and $80,000, depending on the power.

UV laser system

UV laser marking systems offer a high absorption rate and high contrast on a variety of materials. These laser systems are highly versatile and feature high-speed processing capabilities. They are easy to set-up and operate, and they can mark a wide range of substrates in a fast, efficient manner.

UV laser marking machines are very reliable and require no consumables. They also have modular and compact designs. They also feature a visible red diode for aiming, user-friendly controls, and the ability to connect multiple laser systems to a single computer. They are ideal for a variety of applications, including marking metal, ceramic, and coating film.

Laser marking is most effective on dark-colored components. The heat generated by the laser raises the mark above the surface, creating a dramatic contrast. It is also perfect for polymers and other hard-to-mark materials. A laser marking machine manufacturer can recommend an appropriate UV laser system for the specific materials you want to mark.

UV laser marking machines can be used to mark auto parts and electronic parts. A good UV laser marking machine will allow you to process your parts directly from computer aided design data. It will also offer precise positioning and repeat positioning. Its fast marking speed will increase your productivity. With a UV laser marking machine, you can easily mark the components on the production line without stopping them.

UV laser marking machines are capable of marking a wide range of materials including glass, wood, and crystal. The process is noncontact and fast, and will not damage the material you are engraving. In addition, they are very energy efficient.


Trumpf is a popular laser marking machine manufacturer with a global presence. Founded in 1923 in Germany, this company is one of the leading suppliers of laser marking machines in the world. Its products range from single-quantity items to large, complex products, and can handle a variety of materials. These machines offer fast processing times, ideal quality, and flexibility for various business applications. For example, the company’s laser cutting systems can process car bodies, transmission and exhaust components, controls, sensors, and molds. Other uses include marking pacemakers and other medical devices.

TRUMPF has recently launched a laser marking machine called the TruMark Station 5000. The machine’s laser marking technology uses laser annealing, a process that uses a precise combination of heat, pulse intensity, and speed to produce a wide range of tones. The process preserves the product’s smooth surface texture and prevents dirt from accumulating in the marks.

Another popular model is the TruLaser 7000. This machine is ideal for cutting thin steel plates up to 6mm. Its high cutting speed and small work area are essential for smaller workpieces. The desktop laser cutting machine’s work area is usually 1.5×3 meters or twox4 meters. A long steel plate, however, will require several passes, limiting productivity and materials usage.

In addition to its laser marking machines, TRUMPF also manufactures punch presses, press brakes, and CNC laser machines. It also offers CAD/CAM software, portable power tools, and more. The company’s headquarters are located in Farmington, Connecticut, and includes a Laser Technology Center in Plymouth, Michigan. The company also operates manufacturing facilities in Hoffman Estates, Illinois and Costa Mesa, California.

Han’s laser

If you are interested in laser marking machines, Han’s Laser is a reputable manufacturer of these devices. They offer a variety of models to meet your unique marking requirements. These machines are suitable for marking non-metal and metal objects, semiconductor wafers, PCBs, and more.

The company is a public company established in 1996, which has gained worldwide recognition. Its products include a variety of applications, including laser marking, 3D printing, and laser precision welding. It also produces a wide range of other laser processing equipment. The company has a comprehensive system for intellectual property protection, and a system of rewards and punishments to recognize those who have made outstanding contributions.

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