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Past Lives Reminder: for a greater understanding of ourselves

Past life recall is one of the most interesting areas of unexplained human phenomena, although scientific methods have yet to prove or disprove it, the evidence on past life recall is compelling.

Many people believe that it can lead to a greater understanding of ourselves.

There are enough striking examples of past life memories to make the topic of interest to a large number of people around the world, who want to understand their story and be in greater detail and gain a greater understanding of themselves.

Under hypnosis, numerous people around the world have recalled details of their previous lives, even assuming the personality of their old selves.

In these lifetimes, and for example, people have spoken in foreign languages ​​or recalled amazing facts in great detail that, when verified later, are proven correct. However, they would have no way of knowing them.

This is the fascination of past life memory.

Many people who have studied past life memory claims are undecided whether it is a historical memory due to reincarnation or simply information received from the subconscious mind.

Past life recall generally occurs spontaneously and is more common in children than adults.

People who believe in reincarnation have concluded that this is because children are closer to their past lives (the youngest in their new life) and therefore their minds are more likely to be They are influenced by their past lives, as they are simply closer to her.

Their minds have not received meaningful information from their new life, which makes it easier to recall past lives.

If you believe in the memory of past lives, you will believe in reincarnation and the law of karma, which are central beliefs of many Eastern religions.

Reincarnation postulates that one can come back into existence in a new physical form when, after death, that is, one reincarnates as a human, animal or even vegetable.

It is believed that the form one takes is determined by the law of karma: that the highest or lowest form one takes is due to behavior in the previous life.

If you were bad in your previous life, you will reap the consequences when you reincarnate and the opposite is true:

If you were good in your previous life, you will come back in a higher form and live a happier life.

Both reincarnation and karma are central to the past life memory theory.

Both adults and children who experience past life recall tend to do so in three specific situations:

1. Hypnosis

2. Dreaming

3. A specific event that acts as a trigger, that is, a blow to the head.

Past Life Recollection For those who want to try it without dreaming or without a specific event, they usually consult a trained hypnotist who is experienced in past life recall techniques.

People want to explore past life memory and relive their past lives for various reasons.

The most common is our need for a greater understanding of the factors that have made us want who we are today and this is strongly influenced by our past lives.

The goal of the regression therapist is to help people step back and come to terms with and understand their personalities and what makes them the way they are in their current life.

Regression can help you understand yourself better:

Your hopes, dreams, fears, strengths, and weaknesses can all benefit from past life recall therapy.

If you are considering remembering past lives, be sure to find a hypnotist that you trust and feel comfortable with and try to get as many testimonials as you can, so that you can decide if remembering past lives is something that you are totally comfortable with before. to try. .

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