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Preparing the house photoshoot

All the lights are on your house for a photoshoot that will make you an instant star. As a celebrity, you will hypnotize people and possibly have a fan base from which a potential owner will soon emerge. But will your house be ready when the camera begins to focus on its beauty? Will true beauty be captured? If your home will soon be the subject of a photoshoot for a marketing effort, here are some of the things to follow according to Florida Realtor Magazine.

  • Light up the house. Photos always look best when the light is great. The house should receive as much light as possible. With this, all interior lights should be on while letting in natural light from outside. Do this by opening doors, blinds, curtains, and drapes.

  • Refresh the house. It infuses freshness in the house. Make it as clean as possible. If necessary, apply new paint to surfaces that need it. Check walls for peeling or chipping and repaint immediately.

  • Lose your home identity. Unless you’re preparing your home for a feature that will tell your story, personalizing it with pictures and other things will work just fine. But if the photoshoot is to sell your house, then start removing things that will give your identity. Photographs, calendars, blackboards and other things that show your identity and give the imprint of the date should be removed.

  • Eliminate unnecessary things inside and out. The clutter of the house covers both the interior and exterior parts. Reduce the amount of furniture to display. Shelves should be kept to a minimum of books and magazines. Countertops should be removed from unused cookware. Jars, bottles, and other empty containers found in the yard should also be disposed of. There is always the recycling store to monetize them.

  • Complement, but not too much. The reduction of screens will be undone if you only replace them with other objects. Accessories does not mean that you have to match what you have removed. Attractive vases are always a good display, especially if they have meat flowers. Give a scaled view of the length and width of the tables by also placing smaller but attractive objects on them. Center tables can host a garden of dishes instead of too many ceramic displays.

The house is a great object for photo shoots. If you follow the tips above, you are sure to have wonderful photos of your home that will also be good for potential buyers to see.

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