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Rotastak Fairground Fun Hamster Cage Dimensions – Syrian Hamster Right Or Not?

Wondering if the dimensions of the Rotastak Fairground Fun Hamster Cages are suitable for your Syrian hamster? It’s understandable. I imagine the problem that would be to return your hamster’s cage or buy a new one if it was not the right size.

Avoid making the mistake of buying the wrong cage by reading the next two steps. Hopefully these two steps will help you determine:

  1. What is the minimum recommended cage size for Syrian hamsters?
  2. The approximate size of the Rotastak Fairground Fun Hamster Cage

Step 1: Set the minimum cage size that is required for Syrian hamsters.

After researching popular hamster forums, experienced Syrian owners recommend that the minimum size of a Syrian hamster cage be:

  • Height: 30.5cm or 12 “
  • Width: 30.5cm or 12 “
  • Depth: 61cm x 24 “

(Note that each cage can only house one adult Syrian hamster. Be careful. This is because Syrian hamsters are territorial and solitary animals. They will fight, injure, and even kill other hamsters placed in the same cage. It doesn’t matter if they are of the same race or not).

Step 2: Compare the above with the measurements for the Rotastak Fairground Fun Hamster Cage.

Rotastak’s 3 main units (kidney-shaped, circular unit, and dining room) are designed to be stacked and become a 3-story house.

After assembly, the approximate dimensions of the Rotastak Fairground Fun are:

  • Height: 57cm or 22.5 “
  • Width: 50cm or 20 “
  • Depth: 75cm or 29.5 “

Keep in mind that how you position the bright orange tubes for your Sirius to climb will affect the total amount of space the cage needs.

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