Rubber boas: the best snake to make a pet

Although it is rarely known as a pet, a rubber boa is definitely an interesting creature and is in my opinion the best snake a person can have, especially for a first pet snake. Everything about a rubber boa snake is easy because of its temperament, care, feeding, and hygiene. Most snakes are a pet that should be watched but not played with. Rubber boas are the type of pet that a person can interact with, as they enjoy the warmth of one hand and snuggle over one for hours. The feeling is mutual, as the hand of a human being enjoys the gentle touch of these docile snakes.

What makes a rubber boa so big?

1. Interactive: Rubber Boas will be a pet that you can hold, touch, be held and not be afraid of escaping while playing with it. They are quite slow and will prefer to hang out with a warm hand any day and stay there for a long time. The feel of its skin is a lot like its name, Rubber, but even softer than that.

2. Attractive: Rubber boas have been used as a form of treatment for snake phobias in a number of cases. While most snakes are quick and quick to bite, these boas are slow, docile, and hardly ever bite (I’ve never seen or heard of a bite, but it could happen). If they are going to bite a person, it will be harmless and probably painless. The only thing that impresses most of these snakes is their smooth texture, which is why they are called a rubber boa.

3. Easy to care for: Rubber boas are very easy to care for. They do best in an area that bears similarities to their native range, which is primarily limited to the northwestern US and southwestern Canada. They can be found both in arid forests and in coastal rainforests. Their temperature preference is between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, like room temperature in a house, and they need a decent-sized dish of water to soak in. The only cleaning necessary is to change the water once it has defecated.

Four. Easy to feed: Rubber boas primarily feed on young rodents in the wild while fending off parents with their blunt tails. Therefore, it is better to feed them with pink mice and several at a time. They have been known to overeat and then not eat for a month or two. That is why they will eat several in one place.

A rubber boa has many benefits over other snakes. Here’s a list of just a few, as well as a negative one.


• Interactive – easy to hold
• Soft to the touch
• Slow movement
• It does not bite
• Safe with children
• Easy to care
• Long service life: 15-25 years


• Difficult to find in nature and difficult to find for sale.

While there aren’t too many bad things about this species of snake, the biggest drawback is the lack of places to buy a rubber boa. I’ll be on the lookout and list any links I can find that sell them. The ones I have had, I have caught on the road at dusk since I live in northern Idaho where it is common to find them. They are incredible hideaways and I have never seen one anywhere except on the highway. I wouldn’t attempt to go looking for them as many times where they live there are also areas where you can find rattlesnakes, unless of course you are into that sort of thing.

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