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Should you go for mobile sites or responsive sites?

According to statistics, the use of mobile devices for online searches has grown considerably in the last two years. In fact, around 95% of mobile device users rely on their devices to search for local products and / or services. For this reason, companies must ensure that their websites register well on all types of devices to reach this growing number of mobile users.

It is advisable for large companies with a web presence to create a mobile-friendly website that can be clearly viewed from any device. Therefore, when companies plan to launch a new website, it is better to choose a responsive web design that can adapt to any mobile device.

Incorporated with social media

Today, websites must be integrated with social networks. Due to the latest technology, sharing information is now more convenient; Businesses that don’t incorporate social media don’t benefit from today’s so-called word-of-mouth marketing.

Social media paves the way for customers to promote a company’s brand, provide reviews, and stay up-to-date on the latest news about the company. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest make it easy for companies to distribute their written and visual content, such as product images and brand videos.

Captcha tests

Businesses that don’t have captcha tests ready get nothing but spam on their contact forms, website forms, and comment sections. These tests, which come in the form of random letters and numbers written before submitting a web-based form, make the difference between humans and robots.

Including these short captcha tests in your contact forms will ensure that humans alone can use your site’s resources, saving them time and costs.

Efficient security

As technology evolves, newer and more advanced security risks have a greater chance of compromising a website’s reputation. These include malware, viruses, malicious applications, as well as the dangers posed by hackers. Websites should avoid front and back security breaches.

E-commerce sites and other websites designed for online transactions require additional security measures to protect customer personal data. To reduce the possibility of browser-based risks, companies should include SSL certificates on their websites.

As this unfolds, it is crucial to review the security features added to the website design and framework. It is also important to carry out security checks on a regular basis or otherwise hire the services of a supplier for the job.

Customer Recommendations

Customer testimonials, like external reviews, can be used to promote business. Including customer testimonials on a site will reveal more about a company’s products, services, and customer engagement.

When companies have a loyal customer base, they can request some reviews online. In case these clients provide their recorded testimonials, this is the right time to make branded videos. More honest and detailed testimonials provide more opportunities to attract new customers.

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