The Prophecy: Turning Pure Lead into Pure Gold

Life and existence are only as good or great as our far-reaching moral and spiritual capital makes it. Winning, and I mean really winning, comes down to seeing the gold in the lead, not exactly turning lead into gold or gold into lead or whatever the alchemical ideal is. In short, the real biggest success initially comes in work clothes, and it seems like the ultimate failure of an idea that initially doesn’t work out like the twist on Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone that made him great in the eyes of the world by “inventing.” the modern telephone. Before that twist to make the stream consistent so speech can be transmitted, everyone else invented a “useless toy”. This is an illustration of my point about the nature of success.

Usually one step (or a few steps) beyond the latest flop of a great idea that “didn’t work” is what works, all it takes is productive persistence in applying and varying techniques until you find what’s right. that really works.

When I think of success, it seems like the last losing battle that finally wins the whole war. I’ll cut to the chase with this concept: our entire country, the United States of America, was founded on this principle, the founding generals lost many battles, but the entire war was won on the idea I’m writing about here.

That brings me to a point of reality, the only way to genuinely turn lead into gold is the “cyclotron machine” of persistence, perseverance, intuition and knowing very deeply what you want and need to do. Without it, nothing will be done. Failure is giving up instead of Master Mind working on your genuine destiny. What do you think the term “Manifest Destiny” really means? It means not being led by appearances and achieving what you want to achieve by any means necessary to achieve it.

Another example of what I’m writing about: Henry Ford wanted an engine with all eight cylinders in one block at a time when they could only handle two or four cylinders in one block. Well, to get what he wanted from his engineers, and he did, he applied the principle that I’m writing about and that principle says that ultimately winning is everything, temporary loss is temporarily nothing anyway, because winning it is everything really.

So when I write about cyclotron machines and genuine prophecies, this is what I write about: if you have a great idea, don’t give up, just change focus when needed and wanted, and work until you achieve what you really want. , I really want and need! As long as you never genuinely give up, there is no real failure.

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