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The wide range of uses and designs in dressers

Of all the furniture in a home, a chest of drawers is possibly the most versatile. It is useful in all rooms and fits perfectly, whether in the bedroom, living room, kitchen or bathroom.

Also at the design level, the chest of drawers lends itself to any style, contemporary, traditional, rustic or baroque, while maintaining its character and utility. They are usually made of wood, you can find them in oak, pine, walnut or any wood that suits the decoration of the room in which you want to place it. In the bathroom, for example, you might prefer to have a painted unit for better protection against humidity in the room, while in the living room it could be an ornate, decorative, highly polished piece of furniture fitted with shiny metal handles. .

Your chest of drawers can have anywhere from 3 drawers to 33 drawers or more depending on the amount of storage required as well as the items you need to store and they don’t all have to be symmetrical either. It could have a 6+2 configuration, offering two longer drawers on the first level and three on the next, or an overlapping arrangement with an odd and even number of drawers on each different level.

The length of the drawers will depend on what you want your dresser to contain. Bed linen, blankets and duvets, for example, will require longer drawers, equipped with handles at two ends, while in the kitchen you will prefer narrower drawers to facilitate access to your utensils. It is by far the most convenient method of storing and retrieving items, whether they are required for daily, weekly, or very occasional use. The drawers can be filled to the max and yet nothing falls out when opened, and they form a natural divider between dissimilar items by their very nature. No wonder they are such a popular piece of furniture.

By way of dimension, you could have your tall, dark, skinny dresser, maybe just 18 inches wide and sit next to an equal-height bookcase in the living room, or have it shorter, maybe 30 inches tall. tall, constructed of fine-grained, highly polished white oak where the top serves as a counter to display your prized knick-knacks while the drawers house a variety of less decorative household items. In the bathroom, you could have a long but squat arrangement to store towels and toiletries, and place a cushion on top to serve as a bench. A much smaller one would make a practical nightstand.

You could still find versatile options with a dresser. If it’s built at desk height, about 30 inches off the floor, you can install a pull-out keyboard tray under the top surface and combine its use as a computer table, for example, thereby saving additional furniture.

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