Top 10 Petrol Scooters

Many gas scooter manufacturers have come and gone in the last 10 years. It has become a very competitive industry; especially since the influx of cheaper Chinese brand clones entering the US market. That said, the quality gap between US-made and Chinese-made scooters still tips heavily in favor of American-brand scooters. It’s no surprise that 10 of the top 10 gas scooters are all scooters made in the USA.

1.EVO 2X Power Board

The Evo 2X is a third generation petrol scooter from Puzey Design. Evo brand powerboards are the highest quality products on the market and the fastest scooters ever built. The 2-speed gearbox is a unique and patented transmission system that is the heart of the Evo 2X. Is he world’s first two-speed scooter.

Until now, the range of applications for power boards and scooters has been limited by low-power, low-rev engines. Now, with the 2-speed gearbox, you can have the power starting off or going up a hill in first gear and have top speed in second gear. Steep hill climbs for riders over 250 pounds are no problem for the Evo 2X.

Another technological advance found on the Evo 2X is the patented Cam-Link suspension. It is a true suspension system that offers a smooth ride, while offering excellent resistance when landing after jumps. Once you try it, you will simply see that there is nothing like it. This suspension is the strongest and most robust front suspension in the industry today.

The Evo 2X is one of the most reliable scooters ever produced. The T6 aluminum and steel frame is nearly indestructible. There have been reports of Evo scooters going 1300 miles without even replacing a belt.

Things you’ll never have to replace include:

The frame and suspension – Although this scooter is largely designed with lightweight aluminum, it is reinforced with steel where needed. This makes the frame and structure of the scooter almost indestructible.

The Engine: The Active 50 is not only an impressive power plant, it’s also one of the most reliable engines available. A properly maintained engine running on 91+ octane fuel with a proper mix (1:40 – 1:50) will last the life of the scooter.

The Deck – The Evo 2X comes with one of the strongest decks available for a scooter. Although it is aluminum, it is incredibly scratch resistant and will never bend or crack.

2. Go-Ped GTR46i – Trail Ripper Interceptor

The Goped GTR Interceptor is an on-road street racing version of the Goped GTR46 Trail Ripper. This high performance Go-Ped now comes with the following modifications:

  • New quieter exhaust system
  • AT Primo Duro Trap street tires with smooth tread
  • Higher speed, better fuel economy
  • GSR46R 6-76 quieter sprocket gear ratio

These modifications make the Go-Ped GTR46i perfect for those who want to experience the luxurious fully suspended ride on paved and unpaved surfaces that only comes from the patented and race-proven CIDLI suspension system. Dubbed CIDLI for Cantilevered Independent Dynamic Linkless Indispension, this unique front and rear swingarm system is a must for this practical and fun lightweight off-road machine.

3. Go-Ped Mutiny

The Go-Ped Riot was introduced alongside the Go-Ped GTR46 as a “scooter”-like pitbike. Like the GTR46, the Go-Ped Riot features CIDLI suspension front and rear.

Utilizing the patented Trail Ripper adjustable suspension system front and rear, it offers riders great off-road capabilities with 6″ of travel at each end. Powered by the powerful Go-Ped GP460RS motor with 6:98 gearing, the beefy and highly reliable Go-Ped Riot delivers excellent bottom end and a standard 30 mph top speed.

4. Martin’s Monstrous Beast

The Martin Monster Beast is the most powerful MMI production scooter available. It comes standard with a 52cc Mitsubishi engine that has nearly twice the torque of RC230 powered scooters. Each beast is hand built by a single technician.

The frame uses the same dual suspension system that Martin Monsters has become famous for. The frame is chromed and polished by hand. The drive chain is a robust 35 pitch heavy duty chain with a centrifugal clutch for easy start and stop use. The Beast is very powerful but also very quiet with tremendous reserves of power and torque. The Martin Monster Beast comes with an anti-vibration system for a very smooth, vibration-free ride. Many aftermarket performance parts are available to further customize your Beast.

5. Go-Ped GTR Roadster

The Goped GTR Roadster is a budget version of the Goped GTR46i. With the exception of the smaller Chung Yang GPL290 engine and welded T-bar handlebars, the GTR Roadster is the exact same scooter.

This cool scooter features CIDLI’s patented, adjustable and bulletproof GTR 6″ full suspension frame. For that we’ve fitted the incredibly light, yet powerful and quieter GPL290 engine with TT tires and sprocket gear ratios. GSR Cruiser.

6. Super Amazing Monster Martin

The Martin Monster Super Shocker is a dual-purpose machine whether at home, off-road, or on the road. It comes with 10″ knobby pneumatic tires to handle any terrain. The Super Shocker comes with a heavy-duty automatic clutch that allows for hands-free stop-and-go operation.

This is the first and best production scooter to use full suspension. The front suspension is motorcycle-style telescopic and the rear is monoshock with up to 4″ of travel. A cross-drilled front disc brake provides quick and sure stopping power. The Martin Monster Super Shocker’s power comes from the Komatsu Zenoah RC230 engine with 2.5 .

7. EVO 2 power board

The Evo 2 is a third generation petrol scooter from Puzey Design. Evo brand powerboards are the highest quality products on the market and the fastest scooters ever built. The 2-speed gearbox is a unique and patented transmission system that is the heart of the Evo 2X. Is he world’s first two-speed scooter.

The Evo 2 is a high performance two speed scooter launched as a cheaper version of the Evo 2X. Unlike its big brother, the Evo 2 has no front suspension and no scrub board to protect the area under the bed. Instead of the impressive Active 50, the Evo 2 sports the smoother Active 40 engine.

Since the Evo 2 has the two-speed transmission from the Evo 2X, it still runs impressively despite the lack of performance in the Active 40 motor. If the Evo 2 is used solely for hauling, the Active 40 will provide plenty of power along with the two-speed transmission, but if any real speed is desired, the first step should be an engine upgrade.

That said, the Evo 2 is one of the most reliable scooters ever produced.

8. Go-Ped Super GSR46R

The Go-Ped GSR46R is one of the most powerful street scooters released by Go-Ped. It is intended to be a street-only scooter as it lacks any form of frame-based suspension. When the GSR46R was released, it was marketed by Go-Ped as the fastest production scooter in the world. Although the claim is debatable, it very well could have been true due to the high speeds possible with the large R460 engine.

Built on the legendary GSR40Tsi – Go-Ped Interceptor -, the Super GSR46R is powered by the same engine as the intrepid Trail Ripper GTR46. Equipped with a patent pending 6/76 geared centrifugal clutch chain drive mechanism, the GP460RS engine delivers 4.2HP and 2.31 ft-lbs of torque with a redline of 17,500, providing excellent performance at high and low speeds. Adjustable, it can even reach over 5.5 HP and over 2.6 ft-lbs of torque with the addition of an aftermarket expansion chamber.

Front and rear Mad Dog disc brakes provide excellent stopping performance that is perfectly matched to the Go-Ped Super GSR46R’s power output.

All the best Patmont Motor Werks racing components come standard: high-strength 4130 chromoly steel frame and double-sided fork, TT pneumatic tires mounted with magnesium rims, and 20″ “Tim Patmont bend” motorcycle-style racing handlebars Equipped with a slider tube clamp, pro clamp billet stem, Go-Ped race pad and Pro control levers.

9. Martin’s Monster Motorcycle

The Martin Monster Moto is a chain-driven, full-suspension scooter that inherited much of its design from its big brother, the Martin Monster Beast. The Moto’s advanced design features include technical innovations such as an anti-vibration system, which provides a smooth, vibration-free ride. Other features include dual disc brakes, heavy-duty chain drive, automatic clutch, and front and rear suspension.

10. GSR Go-Ped Cruiser

The GSR Cruiser is the perfect machine for the customer looking for a quiet, reliable and affordable motorized scooter with good performance, but also for the beginner looking for an affordable, safe and easy to learn first scooter. PMW believes that it is the perfect machine for a very large segment of motorized scooter enthusiasts.

The Go-Ped GSR Cruiser is also the perfect machine for the motoring enthusiast and aftermarket community as chassis upgrades and engine mods are widely available. The GSR Cruiser’s engine, the new GPL290, is based on the high performance GP290RS engine, designed to be a very reliable, quiet and economical cruiser. Top speeds for the GSR Cruiser are in the mid-20 mph range, and its power is similar to the previous GSR40.

Stopping power comes from the Mad Dog front brake caliper and dual-ground, hardened stainless-steel Wave disc rotor. The rear brake mount is ready for rear brake upgrade if the customer decides to modify it for more speed which needs more stopping power.

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