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Tricks to keep your house cool (without air conditioning)

With the arrival of summer, the heat settles in our homes and turns into hell. Although it is tempting and very comfortable, there are tricks to save with air conditioning, but let’s be honest: it is not the most economical to maintain your home. cold.

On days of suffocating heat, where the anguish in summer caused by the heat invades you, you can curb this feeling by following just a series of tips. Take note of these tricks that, in addition to being very simple, will allow you to save on your bills at the end of the month.

1.Ventilate at dawn and dusk

Windows should be kept closed or minimally open throughout the day, but when the sun goes down and at dawn, they will be the best times to open the doors and windows of your house wide.

If you create drafts, you will get the house fresh, even for a short time. Maybe enough to put you to sleep on a tropical night.

2. Use the extractor:

Turn on the range hood while cooking and the range hood in the bathroom while showering. That way you will get the hot air out.

Also, take advantage of the garden to have a barbecue and avoid lighting the oven at home. And it would be even better if you did not cook, opt for fresh dishes or summer salads.

3.Change the bulbs:

Incandescent bulbs use 90% of their energy on the heat they emit, so getting rid of them and changing them to LED or energy efficient ones will be a good trick to reduce heat sources at home and save.

4. Dress up your summer house:

If you also change your wardrobe when summer arrives, why not do it with the home? Outside of rugs, swap sheets for cotton and avoid velvet. Use transparent or colored with a flower pattern, which give more lightness and influence the sensation of heat.

5. Household appliances at night:

Avoid running the dishwasher and washing machine during the day as they give off a lot of heat. All electrical appliances, including television, are sources of heat that we must avoid as much as possible and disconnect when they are not being used.

6. Place solar films on the crystals:

They are an effective solution that reflects the light and heat that enters through the windows, with the advantage that it is not necessary to remove the glass. They will reduce the heat by 82% and you can be cooler at home by saving on the electricity bill.

7. Climbing plants on the facade:

Vines or bougainvilleas are ideal on the facade of your house to act as a natural barrier against heat. You will get cooler rooms and also a much more cheerful atmosphere.

8. Water to refresh:

If you have a patio, balcony, deck, garden, or porch, water the floor at night to cool it down. Heat builds up on the ground and will calm you down a bit.

With the floor inside the house the trick is to scrub it with cold water, leaving it a little more soaked than normal.

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