Used Distillery Equipment For Sale

Distillery Equipment For Sale

Manufacturer of laboratory glassware including distillation equipment. Products include flasks with 10 cc to 3,000 cc capacity. Serves biotechnology, pharmaceutical, combinatorial chemistry, analytical and quality assurance laboratories. Custom fabrication, design engineering and 24/7 technical support services available.

It’s easy to get distracted by shiny copper stills, but think about the infrastructure that supports the whole operation, like pumps and the ability to distill with a steady flow. This includes electrical rigging, air ventilation and plumbing.

A still is the centerpiece of a distillery, but other important Distillery equipment supplier includes mash tuns, fermentation tanks and storage tanks. Haik recommends looking to suppliers in the beer and wine industries for these types of items.

For example, he points to Paul Mueller Co.’s steely, sweet-looking serving tanks that are carbonated right in the tank. That eliminates the need for kegs in the brewery and lowers operating costs. It also reduces safety considerations such as moving kegs and cleaning them with chemicals.

Used Distillery Equipment For Sale

Then there are kegs, which are ideal for a restaurant industry that wants to offer high-quality, low-intervention wine served from the barrel. It also eliminates the need for bartenders to haul around heavy bottles of wine and ensures that every glass is at the proper temperature. And it gives guests a great experience, like walking up to the bar and grabbing their own mug of vino. This is known as “From the Tank.” And it’s a fantastic way to keep customers happy, especially on a busy night.

The next step up from tanks and kegs is the pump and valve, a vital piece of distillery equipment for sale. Distillers need pumps to bring in water, sanitize the equipment and control the temperature. They also need valves to control the flow of vapor.

A good cleaning and sanitizing protocol is key, as well as the proper maintenance schedule. The process should begin as soon as possible, before residue or liquid has dried inside the equipment. Equipment makers typically recommend rinsing with a high-pressure spray or steam.

The food and beverage industry has stringent hygiene standards, driving demand for hygienic pumps and valves. These tools help maintain product quality, enhance production and increase efficiency. Moreover, they ensure the safety of consumers. Major players in the sanitary pumps and valves market include Alfa Laval Inc. (US), SPX Flow, and others. Some of these companies offer start-up services and improvement services, along with technical documentation, training, and remote support.

Filtration and cleaning are two of the most essential components to a successful distillery. They can make or break your production if you don’t get them right. Each piece of equipment should be carefully picked based on how it will be used and what it can accomplish. The more specialized it is, the better it will perform its job.

Premium spirits like brandy, whiskey and vodka require premium particle & haze control to bring out the best flavors, colors and clarity. 3M filtration products are the ideal choice for these applications.

Unlike water purifiers, which are only designed to filter out pathogens and contaminants from drinking water, our Survival Water Distiller is made in the USA with 304 stainless steel. It is a non electric emergency water distiller that sterilizes, decontaminates, and removes bacteria and chemicals from all types of potable water sources. This small emergency water distiller is ideal for survival situations and outdoor emergencies.

The filtration process is one of the most important and delicate stages in your distillery. Getting this step right is what sets premium spirits apart from sloppy productions.

Filtration equipment comes in a wide variety of options and sizes depending on the capacity needs and spirit processes of your distillery. For smaller operations, a plate filter press or lenticular filters systems using cartridges can be a good option.

If you are working with activated carbon, you may want to consider a filter system that utilizes porous carbon embedded media for depth filtration. This can help remove fine char particles and ensure your product goes to bottling clean.

The newest and most sophisticated depth filters for the spirits industry come in the form of Pall SUPRApak media. These new lenticular modules utilize an Edge flow design that increases surface and depth capability. This makes them suitable for larger facilities and allows you to use a coarser grade than you could normally with sheet filters.

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