Baychaara – Wrongful Man

Dear and august readers, today I am going to present to you certain psychological changes in the behavior of a human being when dealing with an honest, hardworking, dedicated and alert human being. He is treated in society, both at home and in the office. It is a behavioral syndrome in all human beings that as an important task is displayed or the security of fulfilling wishes is at home, parents also select the child who can deliver the good. He indicated that the parents have faith in the child’s ability. But as far as the boy is concerned, he gains life experience more than other siblings in the family, so he matures and becomes wise in the world sooner. Dear readers, you may have also noticed that whenever any other urgent work needs to be done, once again, the parents must take care of the unfortunate child. The parent’s decision to try again other unfortunate behavior changes. First, they don’t want to take risks; two, they have faith that the unlucky ones will do it, which will save both time and effort. After satisfying the wishes of the parents, he grows up to go to school.

How the hapless are treated at school is again an interesting topic to discuss. He makes a name for himself in school by his polite habit instilled at home. He easily catches the attention of teachers due to prominent and intangible human features. Teachers are increasingly looking for an opportunity to involve him. The teachers entrusted him to do all the household and unskilled jobs, but they would never make him a class monitor. In general, he would be a blue-eyed boy from the school for teachers, but he would be affectionate towards the class teacher in particular. He would continually be involved in cleaning blackboards, preparing for student parades, helping teachers carry teaching materials from one class to another, serving water and taking care of their personal items, etc. The teachers always praised him for doing the job, but never rewarded him with more than applause. He would continue to spend his teenage years in school through the hectic schedule at school and home.

In addition to school, as a teenager, your adolescent responsibilities at home are further increased to keep the family outside the closed walls of your home. After school, when other siblings played, he was busy helping his father, mother or other siblings. He began to understand his social responsibilities in society as a teenager. He enjoys his busy reaming adolescence. The hapless would carry on with the added responsibilities of entering manhood and becoming men.

He grows up to be a responsible man towards an irresponsible environment in which he lives. Everyone applauds his dedication, honesty, integrity, sincerity, loyalty and hard work. On a daily basis, he receives tons of braces for many of his actions and deeds from his juniors, colleagues, and seniors, but remains isolated for a lifetime reward from him. His superiors use it to win promotions for him, his colleagues use it to find free time from his busy schedule, and the juniors praise him for being generous to them by being late, not turning in work on time, etc.

You’ll agree with me that Baychaara is still everyone’s blue-eyed guy while in office. The works that no one could do, he would do, but he stays away from the glitzy, well-publicized spotlights of awards and recognition. Everyone would praise him for his hard work like a donkey, his night work like an owl, and timely reporting like a rat, but he still remains out of the deep and appreciable memories of seniors and juniors alike.

Friends, you would realize that his family eagerly awaits his return from the office every day, not because he is a loved one, but because he is the only one who could do all kinds of laborious, unskilled, housework. The Baychaara goes to bed with the overloaded problems of tomorrow and returns home with countless worries of home. How you deal with my Baychaara in society is up to you, but how the world deals with him is up to you.

By the way, every man in India today is more or less Baychaara because he gets applause for his hard work, dedication, loyalty, sincerity and what not, but his superior gets the reward and recognition that Baychaara deserves. How he would distinguish Baychaara from individual character is not in his hand or mine, but Baychaara will continue to manage time in the current environment to make all the citizens prosperous and happy around him, but he will remain standing like a rock in the same place, same time and same opportunity. India has been blessed with Baychaara’s dedication and loyalty and I hope all of you will find him around him in some corner of your heart and memories of him if you have one. I hope that sometimes, on a rainy day, you will find Baychaara standing under a tree waiting for some passerby to shelter him under his umbrella to accompany him to his home or workplace. . The days are not far off when Baychaara realizes the exploitation of him by petty, selfish and opportunistic people and determines his position at home, office and society, the country will again be called the “golden bird” of old.

I hope the people of my country will identify and make Baychaara more efficient in removing the seeds of corruption and styles of nepotism from government offices and the minds of politicians. The more powerful the Baychaara the more India would win and shine India would shine Baychaara.

You will agree with me that the day Baychaara realizes her position and stops working and understands her place in home, society and workplace; the trouble for tactful, adaptable and diplomatic people is going to start. God save India and its citizens if Baychaara wakes up on some sunny day?

S Kalpna Sharma

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