“In the study life, will inevitably encounter all sorts of doubts and difficulties, including “”how to rent the student apartment”” is all going to study abroad friends to issues of common concern. Good in a foreign land would now like to summarize the student accommodation Edinburgh for you might encounter a series of problems in the process.

A, all kinds of Chinese BBS or British local information, such as Gumtree site looking for rental housing information. This kind of BBS more private homes, check-in procedures simple, most of the landlord or second-hand housing information directly east released on the Internet, by phone.

Second, through regular local housing intermediary to Find room, more common sites include the Find a Property and Rightmove. Intermediary to find room is cumbersome, and charge a fee to take longer, but the tenant interests relatively more secure. Third, by acquaintances or friends, find homes.Many Chinese students mostly rented by the first student apartments, the landlord for a variety of reasons to deduct the deposit things happen from time to tome.

Before renting a student apartment in Edinburgh, you need to know these questions!

Master’s degree at university college London, said Steven, oneself in rented apartment contract to move out the house, the landlord to move out when the room not clean enough, from the original 400 deposit deducted 50 pounds as a “”clean””.

Allan also admitted at the university of loughborough university, in his own away from the house, the landlord to check the room facilities, with chest door damage as an excuse to skimp on certain expenses from the deposit. Allen said, his phone just check in once and the landlord mentioned cupboard door there is a problem, require repair, but the landlord has been no response. At the London school of economics Ph.D. Leon said, I’m the worst students a rented apartment through because he only had a two weeks in advance tell the landlord to go, and ask for a move with housing contract a month in advance to inform the landlord, the landlord to buckle under the full deposit for reason.

In addition to university-managed accommodation, there are private halls of residence operated by independent companies. These halls often come with modern amenities, recreational spaces, and are usually situated in prime locations within the city. While they may be slightly more expensive than university-managed options, they offer greater flexibility and additional facilities.

Last year to graduate from the university of Exeter Maggie said he also live in a two rooms one hall during the school’s apartment, principal couple in order to make more money, let the living room and the other to a tenant, did not consult the Maggie. No public space that would otherwise be used to have a meal, and five people use a toilet, a lot of inconvenience to the life, also violated the rights of the tenants, then Mggie can only find another room.

If you have any questions about student accommodation in Edinburgh, welcome to call the small house, we will arrange professional consultant for you to do detailed answer seriously.

Edinburgh student accommodation before, need to understand these problems!”