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Easy-to-use email creation for your subscribers

Your subscribers are the engine that keeps your company’s email database running – it’s its content and form and the reason your email marketing campaigns work. So it should come as no surprise that it is generally considered a good idea to create email campaigns that primarily cater to your subscribers in terms of usability and value. While this sounds like a simple concept to base your email marketing strategy on, it’s often surprising how many brands don’t think from the perspective of a consumer and a technology user. By creating campaigns that not only present your product or brand in a favorable light, but also enrich and make the lives of your subscribers more enriching and hassle-free, you can expect to be amply rewarded by happy and appreciative subscribers who will become loyal consumers.

Simple web forms

One of the biggest benefits of email is that it acts as a direct line of communication with your consumers. This means that your brand has access to valuable information that can be provided by your consumer email database through web forms and surveys. Sending consumers to a microsite where they can record their details, provide additional information or a profile themselves is a great way to improve the consumer experience, but only if the actual process of providing that information to your brand runs smoothly. All web forms, including the initial registration process, should be short, clear and easy to complete. Easier web forms save consumers time and effort and can make it more likely that they will share your experiences with your contacts and, as a result, support your brand.

Allow previews

Email clients such as Gmail and Outlook: Include a brief preview of the contents of an email in the inbox that follows the subject line. This little preview or snippet can make your emails more valuable to subscribers before they even open them. Being able to discern what an email is about and what it contains saves time for the consumer who is probably already dealing with a fairly full inbox. Important to note: many brands place their message asking users to view email in a browser (“Not displaying correctly? Click to view in browser …”) at the top of their ads of mail. The result is that these messages often end up showing up in snippet windows, which is not ideal. By modifying the code, you should be able to reflect a short summary of your email content in the snippet.

Text and HTML

Email has become quite a complex medium and people view it in many different ways on different devices. While this has helped make email even more effective and ubiquitous, it has also caused some problems in terms of universal display. The solution at this point that your subscribers will be most grateful for? Including both a text and an HTML version.

Sending a plain text version with your HTML emails is particularly imperative for smartphone users who will likely receive your messages through an email app on their phones. While most smartphones are catching up in terms of mobile email and email in turn is upping the ante by developing responsive emails, HTML emails can still cause problems when used. view on a small mobile screen. The inclusion of plain text messages makes your emails accessible to all your subscribers, regardless of the device they are using to read your email.

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