How Video Production Can Be Used In Public Relations

At the center of any successful public relations campaign is effective communication.

However, in this technological age, there are now more methods than ever to convey important messages to different audiences.

Video production is a constantly changing area. Let’s take a look at some of the common applications in public relations.

1. Video Press Release (VNR)

An obvious example of how PR and video production can work seamlessly is the new video version. This is basically a press release in video format.

A 90-second video is created and then distributed to television stations for broadcast on news programs. When VNRs are well done, it is extremely difficult to tell them apart from regular news.

An example is a publicity stunt for the launch of a new airline on the evening news.

Tip: Include your script with the VNR and any suggested introductions to give the network the flexibility to put together your story.


For customers who have complicated products and need a lot of promotional material, CD-ROMs can be an effective medium.

CD-ROMs are particularly flexible as they can include video, audio, brochures, documents, and website / email links. They are perfect for travelers who want to reduce the amount of marketing materials they need to carry.

Mini CD-ROMs or CD-ROM business cards also come in a variety of sizes and shapes that can be made to suit your campaign. An example is that they can be cut into a flower shape for a campaign for a seed producer. The only negative is that, due to their small size, they cannot hold a large amount of content, unlike normal-size CD-ROMs.

An example of a CD-ROM that we undertook was for a Professional Society that had a topic that needed the press to understand and write. A CD-ROM was used to show video interviews with industry leaders and also to show documents, which explained the topic in more detail. It also contains links to websites and emails to relevant sites and people in the industry.

Tip: The image quality of a CD-ROM is half that of a DVD. Use a high-quality streaming camera for your shoot to ensure clear, professional-looking images.

3. Trade shows

Go to any exhibition and you will almost always find that every large, impressive booth will have constantly running video content.

The key to the success of any trade show DVD is lots of exciting images with informative captions and music.

Trade show videos are tailored for companies that have complicated products where people need to see how it works and in what situations.

Tip: Make sure your trade show video conveys your messages without the use of a voice-over. Voice-overs should be avoided as they will not be heard at a trade show. Instead, use titles to tell your story.

4. Special events

An effective way to launch awards ceremonies, conferences, and corporate road shows is through the use of a powerful video opener.

When planning an event, use video to set the mood. Use it to educate, inspire, motivate or excite.

If the event has a large audience, filming the event live and displaying the content on large projection screens scattered around the room will ensure that all attendees can see the action.

At the recent Keep Australia Beautiful Victoria Sustainable Cities Awards, we created a soothing and picturesque video that featured many different shots of trees with autumn leaves. The theme of the night was fall and the video was played while people were enjoying their cocktails. Fall décor was also used throughout, as well as lighting that was created to splatter fall leaves onto the walls and ceilings. It was an engaging way to set the mood for the evening and it turned out to be a huge success.

Tip: Define your objective and theme for the event and make your video production reflect your theme.
For your next PR project, think about how you can harness the power of video to get the right message across to your audience.

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