In my last column I wrote about the Russian-Canadian architect and creative genius Nick Troubetzkoy, who conceptualized and built Anse Chastanet followed by the new Jade Mountain on the island of Saint Lucia. My husband and I were lucky enough to spend the first four nights of our honeymoon at the spectacular Jade Mountain last month, where time stands still and the natural elements meld in a perfect union of light, space, and color. We were sad to leave the resort but all good things must come to an end and our next destination awaited us; a much smaller boutique complex called Stonefield Estate Villa Resort and Spa.

Stonefield is located very close to Jade Mountain, also in the city of Soufriere, at the base of the mighty Pitons. We had no idea what to expect from this place, but we were hopeful nonetheless. I found the resort through an extensive internet search for the best resorts in St. Lucia, and was impressed with its glowing reviews, intimate atmosphere, and lush setting as a former lime and cocoa plantation. I am a big fan of contrasts in life and was prepared for a completely different quality of experience at Stonefield Villas. After our four-night stay at the sprawling, luxurious, and exclusive Jade Mountain, my husband and I agreed to reprogram our minds, adjust our expectations, and enter Stonefield with a fresh perspective.

On our arrival we were delighted to receive a warm and cheery welcome from the staff and a delicious glass of tropical fruit rum punch. We were immediately captivated by the stunning front view of Petit Piton and the dense tropical foliage that seemed to go on and on forever, surrounding a shimmering slice of turquoise sea. Stonefield offers 18 private villas, each with a spacious terrace, hammock, private pool, and unobstructed views of the Caribbean Sea and Petit Piton. Rooms are pleasant, basic and colourful, with old-fashioned four-poster beds draped in mosquito nets, private outdoor showers and a French colonial style.

There is something magical about this place, with a unique combination of simplicity, stillness and natural beauty and a touch of bohemian atmosphere. Stonefield doesn’t promise to be something he isn’t, but he does deliver much more than he promises. Like a shy beauty humbly unaware of her captivating presence, Stonefield rests quietly and modestly amidst a mesmerizingly beautiful verdant tropical landscape. We spent our first night at Jacaranda Villa, where we thought we had found paradise as we swam in our private stone pool and drank rum punch as the setting sun turned the sky a deep pink and cast shadows across the impressive Petit Piton, reaching proudly up to the skies like a saluting soldier.

On the second day, thanks to the warm and friendly manager Mr. Ernie George, we were transferred to the stunning Frangipani Villa, a place I still dream of and look back on. As much as I miss the serenity, intimacy, and sheer beauty of Frangipani, I miss the way I felt in this precious hideaway. The place freed me in a deep spiritual sense, tapping into my childish, impulsive and playful side as my inhibitions, material and logistical attachments were unleashed. Frangipani became our own private love nest; it was our hideout, our playground, our home and sanctuary. At Frangipani, our emotional bond changed and deepened. We spent hours splashing in our private pool overlooking the mountains and the sea, our skin turning a deeper shade of bronze as we shared secrets, told stories, laughed and reminisced. My favorite memory of our time in St. Lucia, and indeed my favorite time period with my husband since the day we met, was our time at Frangipani. Here the rest of the world faded away as we explored the new terrain of our marriage.

I loved dining al fresco at the tropical Mango Tree restaurant, where small wooden tables and chairs painted in bright pastel colors offer a panoramic view of the sea and Petit Piton. The food is basic and the atmosphere is extremely informal, low key and intimate. The little bar serves up great running punch, and there’s a large pool next to the restaurant area, where guests can swim, lounge in the sun, read, or just relax and enjoy the view. We literally rolled out of bed, waded into our private pool, and headed to the Mango Tree restaurant like lazy teenagers on a weekend morning, dressed in bathing suits, shorts, and flip-flops, bathed in sun and wind and happily carefree

The most remarkable aspect of our visit to Stonefield Villas was the friendliness and warmth of the staff. On our first night in Stonefield, we joined Nadia from reception, Phillipa from Bamboo Door Spa and her wonderfully precocious daughter Kimberly, on a journey through dark, winding mountain roads to the charming fishing village of Anse La Rey, where a local fish is fried. delighted our senses and delivered the freshest and most tempting seafood we have ever tasted. I saw a side of my husband that touched my heart as he danced barefoot on the sand with Kimberly on her shoulders, her dark eyes sparkling, swaying and laughing under a starry Caribbean sky. On my birthday, Phillipa invited us to the spa, where she surprised us with a special happy birthday message written in flower petals on a massage table. We enjoyed a couples hot stone massage and returned to our villa just in time to sip margaritas on our private terrace, where we sat side by side listening to the silence and watching the sunset reflect pink and red on the shimmering sea.

I highly recommend Stonefield Estate Villa Resort and Spa for an authentic Caribbean experience, where pure simplicity and natural beauty coexist in perfect harmony. I am grateful for the time we spent there and the cherished memory of my husband dancing barefoot on the shore under a star-filled Caribbean sky.