Steering Fluid Maintenance For Your BMW

If you’re a BMW owner and enjoy driving your car, you’ll want to stay on top of power steering fluid maintenance. This simple task can prevent costly repairs and even help you save on gas mileage!

Most BMWs use power-assisted rack and pinion BMW steering wheels. This means that when you turn your wheel, the pinion shaft turns and meshes with the rack teeth to move the rack side-to-side. The power assist is provided by hydraulic fluid pushing on a piston that moves the rack.

This is one of the greatest inventions since automobiles themselves and enables drivers to steer their cars without having to constantly work their arms and shoulders to turn them. Power steering also makes parking your BMW a breeze!

However, with all that power comes some serious maintenance. The power steering system is a complex network of hydraulic hoses that can leak or even break over time. The hoses also need to be cleaned regularly to prevent dirt from building up and causing noise or excessive wear on the hoses.

In addition, the BMW EPS (Electronic Steering Pump) needs to be bled on occasion to clean out any deposits that build up inside. Using the BMW EPS Fluid recommended by the manufacturer can help prevent these deposits and keep the system in good working order for longer than you might expect.

Power Steering Fluid Maintenance For Your BMW

Depending on what model you drive, the steering system may have different features that affect its feel. For example, rear-wheel steering on a 5 Series will make your car more agile at higher speeds by increasing the rotational speed of the front wheels to reduce your turning radius while also helping with stability. This is a great feature for those who like to drive with the car in Sport mode or if you’re a frequent highway driver.

When deciding on the right power steering fluid for your BMW, it’s important to note that most of these systems will call for either ATF or CHF. ATF fluid is the traditional fluid you’d find in a standard car but if your BMW has a green label on its steering reservoir cap it will only accept CHF (hydraulic oil). If you use ATF in your BMW instead, it can damage your seals and cause corrosion over time.

Aside from deciding on the best power steering fluid for your BMW, you’ll need to consider where and how you shop. Many parts centers have a wide selection of power steering fluid but you can also purchase it online from many retailers including Amazon, Walmart and O’Reilly.

Another option for topping off your steering fluid is to look at the options available from independent auto shops. These options can be slightly more expensive but they will also provide you with a much more personalized service. They’ll be able to offer you the best advice based on your individual BMW’s requirements. They’ll also have the tools and expertise needed to install your replacement hoses properly.