“The university will usually give priority to international students on undergraduate and postgraduate courses, and students need to apply through the university’s student accommodation office.

However, since some universities, especially in London, have very limited dormitories, it is important to apply for dormitories as early as possible, otherwise you may not be able to apply for the accommodation you want. For off-campus rentals, international students can choose from two types of accommodation: independent student housing and private shared housing.

Independent Leeds student accommodation. Independent student housing is usually built and managed by a commercial student housing investment management company. The advantages of this type of apartment, independent closed management to ensure safety; all student tenants, space for socializing; at the same time, the apartment has a common activity space suitable for students, such as gym, recreation room, and even swimming pool. The cost includes almost all expenses, such as broadband fees, water, electricity and common facilities in the apartment.

Which form of accommodation is beneficial to you when renting in Leeds?

Private shared housing. Due to the limited resources of school dormitories and independent student apartments, many students who know the UK well also choose to rent a room off-campus with friends they know better. It is best for students to choose a private room through a list approved by the university’s student accommodation in Leeds office. This is relatively safe and secure. This type of housing is usually residential and the landlord is very nice, so students who are studying alone in a foreign country will feel at home.

Most of the host families are found by the school. Many students feel that this is more reliable, but part of the fees paid are shared with the school, which is more expensive. If you are introduced to a host family through a website or by a friend, the cost is much cheaper.

The biggest advantage is the cultural learning, you have the opportunity to participate in the life of ordinary British families, learn how they spend weekends, how to celebrate various holidays, what customs they have, what they like to do in their free time, what TV programs they watch, how they think about things, living in a British family is actually a good way to feel the local culture.

Then there is the improvement of English. In such various situations where you are required to speak English, speaking, accent and vocabulary will improve quickly without you realizing it. After reading this, I hope you will have a better understanding of the accommodation situation of studying in the UK. After all, studying abroad is a turning point in your life and you need to take every step. If students have more needs, welcome to consult with us. We wish you all the best in studying in the UK.”