For serious knife collectors around the world, there are so many knives in different sizes and descriptions that it’s a wonder how you can keep track of all of them. Many collectors like to have different varieties in their collections, while others may focus on a more specific brand.

The Gerber Legendary Blades is a famous name in the knife industry. Since its inception in 1939, Gerber Legendary Blades has been dedicated to producing a quality range of skillfully crafted cutlery knives and other multi-purpose equipment. Gerber hunting knives are one of the amazing products in this line. They are cleverly designed with the utmost design innovation and are for the specific purposes of hunting fanatics. The founder, Joseph Gerber, had started with the idea of ​​making twenty-five wonderful sets of kitchen cutlery to give to his customers for Christmas in the year 1910. The knives, made by a hired cutler, became very popular. Out of the blue, Gerber decided to leave his advertising agency and devoted himself entirely to the development of the Gerber Legendary Blades.

Even after six decades, Gerber Legendary Blades are still at their zenith when it comes to name and fame. Even today, with a wide range of innovative creations, the company is thriving amid the rampant competition of today’s knife market.

Some great Gerber hunting knives

Among the wide assortment of Gerber hunting knives, the best are the following:

Freeman Hunter: This is one of the more well-known hunting knife designs in the hunting community. The polished pear wood handle enhances the aesthetic quality of the equipment. This hunting knife has been designed to make it easy for hunters to skin small and large game quite easily. Made from premium stainless steel, this legendary creation of Gerber Legendary Blades has proven to be the best for real hunters and has won a BEST OF THE BEST award. The most significant features of this knife are its true finger guard with finger grooves. Thumb adjustment helps exert extra pressure while cutting. It comes in a ballistic nylon sheath with an overall length of 8.35″.

The Firestorm: Made with the tanto surgical stainless steel blade, this 3.25″ razor is a heavy-duty piece of equipment. The steel handle with polycarbonate scales not only ensures a strong grip but also enhances the beauty. With a steel deck, it has an overall length of 8.25″, retailing for $64.99.

Harsey Fixed Blade Hunter with Tactical Sheath – This is a classic type of knife with a stainless steel drop point blade and rubber handle. With the 5 ¼-inch 400 series full tang stainless steel blade and sharp edge, this smart piece of equipment becomes valuable for any situation. It comes in a tactical jacket, with an overall length of 10.5″.

Magnum Camo Jr.: This is an enlarged version of the LST series of Gerber knives. Using 420HC steel, this 2 ¾ fine edge blade has an incredibly durable edge and sharpness. The unbreakable, fiberglass-reinforced thermoplastic handle with Mossy Oak Brand camouflage finish is the striking part of the knife. It has an overall length of 6.19″.