New technologies we can look for in 2010

Anyone who uses technology for fun or business knows that one thing is constant: CHANGE. Nothing stays the same for long. I remember back in the mid 1980s when 100mg hard drives were considered really high end. Now, I have some files that are bigger than that! The changes are so fast that it almost makes you want to NOT buy what you really need because you know that as soon as you pay for it, a new, improved and faster version will appear.

Once again, we are full speed ahead with new technology. I thought it would be fun to review what’s coming up for the rest of 2010.

  1. HD will really come of age in 2010. The technology itself has been around for several years. But even if you bought, say, an HDTV, your compatible HD channels were limited. That is now rapidly changing and HD is becoming the standard that everyone will expect and love. While high-end digital SLR cameras can capture HD video, less expensive Flip camcorders or the popular Zi6 models now have an HD version. You’ll start to see a lot more consumer-generated HD content on video-sharing sites like YouTube.
  2. Tablets may be the hottest new device of 2010. The iPad is Apple’s version and has become very popular since its launch. You’ll probably still be using your desktop or laptop for lots of typing or preparing presentations, but where tablets will shine is surfing the web, watching videos, chatting on Skype or other webcam programs, and reading e-books. Even the largest mobile phone screens have proven to be too small to enjoy these performances. But beware of the tablet craze that will overtake us this year.
  3. Android operating system – Also known as “Droid”. It is a system created by Google and you can already find the main manufacturers that have joined. HTC, Samsung, Motorola. I know that Sprint and Verizon are offering Droid phones, and there are others that already have or will soon. I guarantee you’ll give Apple’s iPhone a run for its money. And I say, it’s about time, because it seems crazy to be forced to use AT&T service just to get an iPhone. I really wanted the iPhone, so I signed up last November. I LOVED the phone, but I couldn’t make a phone call from my house, not even on the porch. Needless to say, a phone that couldn’t be used to make calls wasn’t going to cut it, so I returned it and went back to my previous carrier. Now, my carrier is launching a 4G Droid phone this summer, and I can assure you I’ll be first in line.
  4. Cloud Computing – I’m saving all the details on this for another article. Stay tuned.

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