What Materials Are Used in Porsche Steering Wheels?

Materials Are Used in Porsche Steering Wheels

The Porsche 911 steering wheel is a vital component for your car and is designed to meet the highest safety requirements. The rim of the steering wheel is covered with handcrafted leather and has many functions that control vehicle systems and the driver’s airbag. In addition, the steering wheel has to be aesthetically pleasing and at the same time fulfill certain ergonomic demands.

Buy Porsche steering wheels are made of a hard metal core with a polyurethane foam layer, which is then covered in leather, alcantara or other soft materials. The horn button and turn signal cancel rings are often added to the steering wheel as well. In the case of a Porsche 911, the 12 O’Clock Ring is also painted or sewn onto the leather covering of the steering wheel.

A special feature of the Porsche 911 steering wheel is the horn push button, which is usually a metal plate with a spring loaded horn contact. These are mounted to the front and back of the horn ring. The horn push button is an integral part of the driver’s airbag and must be mounted correctly to ensure it works during a collision.

What Materials Are Used in Porsche Steering Wheels?

The design of the horn push button is a combination of form and function. The buttons need to be easy to find and be shaped in a way that they fit comfortably under your fingers. In addition, the horn button needs to be connected to the steering wheel hub and horn wire so it can be activated from the driver’s seat during an accident.

There are two styles of horn push buttons that can be used in a Porsche 911 steering wheel: the hockey puck type and the bat wing type. Both can be fitted to a Porsche 911 or 912 and will work in the same way. The only difference is that the hockey puck button will not fit a 914, as this requires a different connector. The bat wing button will fit all 911 and 912 long hood cars through ’73.

TECHART’s range of steering wheels offers the perfect solution for each driver and his individual driving style. This is why the selection of materials and colors is so large and there are so many personalization options to choose from.

Steering wheel customization is a good idea for any car owner looking to add a unique touch to their Porsche. A TECHART steering wheel upgrade will not only improve the appearance of the car’s interior but it will also give you more comfort during your daily commute or road trip. The choice of a TECHART steering wheel is therefore an investment that will pay off over the course of many years. This is especially true if you sell your car in the future and want to make it look as original as possible. This will help to increase its resale value.

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