7 year anniversary gift ideas to beat the 7 year itch

More dark myths and superstitions surround the seventh anniversary year than any other. Even the big screen has paid tribute to him; think of Marilyn Monroe in the 1955 box office hit ‘The Seven-Year Itch.’ Though she may have had a roller coaster ride so far, all those kind-hearted banter from friends is sending a tinge of alarm running down his spine. Yes, we are talking about the infamous seven year itch!

As the 7-year anniversary approaches, does your wife secretly wonder if she’ll end up as the next statistic in the crumbling marriage market? Does even an innocent glance at a pretty woman you pass on the street find her eyes piercing you with a piercing gaze? Wow, time to appease all those expressed and unexpressed fears and doubts! Exceed her (and his) expectations of her – present her with a wedding anniversary gift like no other!

Choose your choice of gifts: exotic and luxurious, inexpensive but thoughtful, or downright sensual and even naughty. Each gift says a lot about your feelings for your wife. Here are some gift ideas specially selected for you.

  1. Copper Gifts – Copper signifies prosperity and good fortune and is traditionally associated with the seventh year. If left flat, copper looks dull and old. But, a vigorous buffing soon restores its burnished shine. (A lesson here?) The market is awash with copper-themed items. If she loves offbeat jewelry, present her with delicately crafted copper bracelets in a variety of designs. You can even go for copper photo frames that have some mind-blowing close-ups of the two of you.
  2. Wool Scarves and Sweaters: Along with copper, wool is also the traditional gift of the seventh anniversary year, representing warmth, durability, and security. One of those shared by couples who have been married for so long. If your anniversary falls in the winter months, splurge on some high-quality wool scarves and cardigans that will keep her cozy and warm when she’s not around for a little TLC. And guess what, some really cool wool jewelry is super trendy too! Wool jewelry is in fashion now, it is cheap and eco-friendly.
  3. Desktop Games: If traditional isn’t your thing, go modern with desktop games. This would also make a great gift for someone who works from home and is in desperate need of something to organize all that chaos. Desk sets can be deep, rich wood (mahogany, walnut, rosewood), contemporary aluminum, or the all-time classic leather (if you have money to splurge).
  4. A bouquet of Jack-in-the-pulpit flowers: Unusual but beautiful, like her, flowers are a man’s best ally when it comes to courting a woman. Even if she’s furious with you, she can’t stay upset for long when she’s faced with a bouquet of beautiful flowers. Her best choice for the seventh year is a bouquet of Jack-in-the-pulpit flowers, this year’s traditional flowers.
  5. Onyx and Lapis Lazuli Jewelry: As with all anniversary years, the seventh year also has certain gemstones associated with it. Jewelry never fails to impress a woman with the intimate connotations inherent in it. She will surprise her with some exquisite onyx and lapis lazuli necklaces, pendants, rings, earrings or bracelets and her delighted smile will keep you in her warm embrace for a long time…
  6. Ease romance back into the relationship: Over time, the two of you have settled into a comfortable and cozy routine. That is unavoidable, of course. But did the romance tiptoe quietly one day and you couldn’t even hear it? Has her sexy lingerie from early years given way to comfortable cotton pajamas while you, more often than not, skip your shave from time to time? Now is the perfect reason to plan a mini break like a weekend getaway. Take the kids to grandma’s house and organize every little detail. Trust me, half the fun is in the planning and anticipation.
  7. Foolish her foolishly: If you’re a working mom juggling a demanding career, growing children, and housework, you probably have very little “me time.” This is where you step in to do your part. Bathe her in top-notch bath and body products that promise to bring the spa experience home. Better yet, book both at a spa that also offers couples treatments. This means your own private room, with softly lit scented candles, scattered flowers in the bathroom, and a tranquil atmosphere. All those massages and pampering are so relaxing! The stage is set for some musty, lusty jungle passion when the two of them get home!
  8. The element of surprise: If your anniversary falls on a weekday and she works, then it’s up to you to take a day or afternoon off (it’ll be worth it, promise!) and plan a surprise that will blow her away. her feet. Prepare a romantic meal with her favorite dishes, place a large bouquet of Jack-in-the-pulpit flowers on the table, dim the lighting and play “her” song softly in the background. When she returns, she gallantly takes her bags, leads her to the couch and gives her a neck and shoulder massage. Even while she’s digesting it all, pull out the crown jewel: her gift (see list above). I’m sure you can handle the rest…

So the next time someone makes a quip, ‘You’re headed for the seven year itch,’ just turn around and say, ‘Sure, but I know how to deal with it!’

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